Moonlight Madness

Over the past several weeks Cody and I have had the skunk in everything we have tried, which has not been the most enjoyable in the pursuit of fish and game. This day started out like any other sitting in class talking with some fishing buddies, next thing you know a pictures is shown to me of a huge lake trout, in a new water I have not yet tried with on the fly! That was the beginning of the madness. Could we get rid of the skunk today!

That afternoon Cody and I went on a scouting trip to see what we could do to hook into one of the bruisers. After a few casts into the trip we knew this was no the time to on the water, we needed darkness to get these fish moving. So a game plan was made to come back to where we thought would be the right spot.

Night approached, we gassed up, bought drinks, and hit the road. As we drove in the darkness, doubt entered each of us questioning a sleepless night we were choosing when we hadn’t seen any action during the day. The doubt quickly passed as we remembered big fish come while night fishing, thoughts of trophy lake trout pushed us on in the moonlit night.

We got to our destination and geared up for big toothy lakers! As we approached the water the moon had just come up over the mountains, and the fish had just come shallow enough to see, huge is the first word that came to mind, which was followed by the sound fly line and the anticipation of an explosion!

Cody had the first hit, fish on, then off just as fast. Twice this happened now the pressure was building, two fish missed, would this be a continuation of the fall skunk?

Then it happened, the water swirled and erupted in front of me, FISH ON!! There was no mistake by the sound of my reel singing into the night, this was a big fish. With fly line gone and into my backing, I am glad there was plenty of line to play with! I would bring my line in and he would take it back out, I could not wait to get my hands on this fish. As this specimen came into sight, it was confirmed, huge laker on the fly! Cody got the boga grips on the fish and the cheering commenced! I could not believe what I had just landed. Finally I had killed the skunk! Now it was Cody’s turn!


We knew it would not be long till Cody would have his reel singing. Sure enough, WHACK, fish ON! Same story, a huge run and a fight till his arm hurt. Then the fish came into sight, just as big or bigger than the last. Whoops and cheers in the darkness confirmed Cody had landed a monsterous laker!


What a night and it had just began, two fish at just over 31 inches how could it get any better?! How about lake trout for several more hours into the night at that same size! We put the test to our gear, and found success in fishing for lake trout on the fly.

IMG_0022 IMG_0031 IMG_0028 IMG_0032 IMG_0020 IMG_0024

About finspots fly-fishing

We are fly-fishermen. We are Fisheries and Aquatic Science Majors at USU. WE are either in class learning about fish, studying fish and best of all, catching fish :) We build fly-rods have a custom line of shirts and hats so come check us out!

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