Clearwater River

Clearwater River Idaho, Report 1/08/2013

The latest news we are hearing about steelhead fishing on the Clearwater is that is is “very good”! Guide services are hitting the section below Orofino and have reported landing between 5 to 7 fish per day. The good word is that egg patterns have been the ticket for most of the fish caught. So you could drift an egg pattern or a big rubberleg stonefly nymph and find success.

The river above Orofino is too iced to fish, so stick with the sections below the town. If you plan to go fishing on the Clearwater River this time of year, it will be cold so go prepared for cold weather. Hopefully a steelhead fight will warm you a at some point in the day! If you have questions or comments leave them in the comments section below. Good luck out there!

Clearwater River Idaho, Report 12/10/2013

Well it looks like winter time steelhead fishing on the Clearwater is here! The steelhead are filing in, right now obviously the water temps are low, but on the Clearwater that doesn’t change the fact that there are steelies in the river! Fishing in these colder conditions means changing your presentation to get chrome. Slow things down a bit by fishing deeper pools where the fish are going to be holding tight during the winter temps. Fish are moving less because of the cold so they are not going to go out of their way to take flies, so fish the water thoroughly! If you are wanting to go catch steelhead this time of year, its doable on the Clearwater.

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