Cody Edwards


I spent my childhood chasing brown trout on the Weber River in the rodeo town of Oakley, UT.  Being too small and wimpy to ride bulls I chose a different hobby, I would grab my fly-rod and hit the river.   Not much has changed since those days! At one point in my job at Jan’s Mountain Outfitters my CEO invited me on a steelhead trip to a small town in B.C. and was a changed man.  Never again would I look at fish the same way.  Their determination to return home was unsurpassed.  I wanted to be a part of their journey.

I devised a career plan and wanted to help in the recovery effort of these anadromous fish.  I left my cushie job as a ski bum and manager at a fly shop and returned to school to pursue a degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at Utah State University.  I am now a senior on the last leg of my educational journey. I work seasonally for the Utah DNR in Aquatics/Sportfish and have hopes of working directly with Anadromous fishes as a career in the near future.





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