Dry Fly Rigs

The Dry Dropper Rig

The dry dropper fly fishing rig is a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal.  Fishing one pattern at the surface and one below will help increase your chances of hooking up with a fish.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 11.04.30 AM The surface fly has two purposes.  First it is an imitation of terrestrials or insects on the surface and secondly, it functions as an indicator for the second pattern.  If the lead fly is pulled below the surface we can assume a fish has taken the sub-surface pattern and its time to set the hook!  A good rule of thumb is to place a larger fly on the surface with a smaller pattern trailing behind.  If the nymph is too large, the dry fly wont stay afloat so go easy on the weight!

  This rig doesn’t take the place of a nymph rig and the trailer fly often only fishes a few feet below the surface, so in deep pools switching to a nymph rig might be beneficial.   


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