Nymph Rigs

The approach you take to nymphing certain types of water with specific rigs will get more fish on your line.  When reading the water we can see if there is a shallow riffle, deep pool etc….  In cases where the water is deeper and possibly more swift, we need to get the fies down to the fish quickly. A Bounce Rig is a great choice.  if there is a shallow medium speed riffle an In-Line method generally has less weight and fishes flies more delicately.  In shallower pools i tend to deviate towards In-line rig and deeper faster water use the bounce rig.  Pay around with variations on these setups and practice them so on the water you can tie them quickly!  It will pay off!

The In-Line Rig

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.56.17 AMThe In-Line rig is a great rig for experienced and beginners alike.  This setup is generally fished with one or two bb weights.  You will notice that for both rigs i try to use bb size weights.  It keeps my weight selection simple and once you get the grasp of how fast they sink you can easily make judgements on how many are needed to get to proper depths.  This rig is not designed to drag along the bottom.  The in-line is designed to be fished just off the bottom and can be fished more delicately in slower moving pools.  A good rule of thumb when selecting flies is to tie the heavier fly on first then run the lighter dropper on the end.  This method puts the heaviest object (the weight) first, then the heavier fly second, and last the lightest fly.  A proper taper in the weight of the flies and sinkers will make over head casting possible(I don’t recommend this but have at it).

The Bounce Rig

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.55.59 AMThe Bounce Rig  has generally more weight on the end of the line.  This rig is fished in riffles or deep drop offs.  With more weight this rig pulls the flies down quickly then moves with the current and when fished properly the indicator should “bounce”  a few times during each drift.  This is a good sign that the rig is down near the bottom.  We don’t want the setup to be dragging along the bottom so adjusting the indicator is key to fishing this setup properly.  A thingamabobber or corkie work best as they can be easily adjusted.

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