Streamer Rigs

Streamer and spey fishing has come a long way, with the advances in materials and techniques.  One of those that very few take advantage of is the ability to fish multiple streamers for trout, salmon and steel.  The problem with a standard in-line streamer setup is that the first pattern loses all the action!  With only the trailer pattern freely swimming almost always the fish take the trailer.  NO MORE!!!  Your flies are begging for a fair chance to show their moves!  With a few simple knots you can catch more fish at every finspot.


The taper of a fly line is very important and often we forget those principles when adding multiple flies to a rig.  So why not use the same type of thought process when we tie our patterns on?  Often we place the heaviest bugs at the end and spend the day roll casting.  None of us signed up for fly-fishing to simply roll a 10 foot rod all day!  So tie the heavier weighted bug on first then add a light dropper AFTER  🙂  Your cast distance will 100% increase!

**The key points to this rig are the dropper loop(big fly knot) and loop knot(trailer fly knot).  Google it!  This is what allows both patterns to freely swim.  Making this the wiggliest rig in the river!

****For those of you single handing for steelhead this could be a game changer!  A good friend of mine taught me this rig and it has been solid day in and day out.  This method can be setup on the spey rod as well.  An awesome little change up to the standard rig is to trail an egg pattern or alevin instead of the tail streamer.   This method will grab the attention of those picky fish that follow your flies clear to shore then fade away.

You’re Welcome!

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